Psalm 139

David Swale’s SATB chant for Psalm 139

Text is the first 18 verses of Psalm 139 from The Book of Common Prayer, © in UK The Crown.

Pointing from The Parish Psalter, edited Sydney Nicholson, © The Royal School of Church Music.

The text differs from the BCP text only in minor punctuation, removal of some of the commas.

Music by David Swale, 1967, for the choir of St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide.

Composed for a Sunday morning service broadcast on ABC Radio.

Buyers of this score may replace the psalm pointing, text or both with legally permitted alternatives.

To preserve its association with Psalm 139, this chant will not be licensed for use with any other psalm.

This chant is suitable for choir performance only, not congregation. It is not available at lower pitch.

Text © Crown via CUP.
Pointing from Parish Psalter © RSCM.
Music © David Swale 1967, 2015, layout © Laurie Williams 2015.

version 2015-09-23 or whenever I finish it

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