altering and arranging

most scores must not be altered

For most scores that we sell no alteration of content is permitted.

Not even one word of the text. In many musical compositions the text is so closely related to the music setting that any change to the text would be inappropriate.

All their original page content, including the music staves, text, composer’s instructions, copyright information and purchase stamp, must be included in all copies, both electronic and paper.

substitute texts

Some scores that we sell are designed so that an alternative version of text may be substituted for some or all of the original text.

Some scores may have blank spaces for buyers’ preferred text to be inserted before making copies and using.

Where alteration to a score is permitted, the extent is stated explicitly in the score.

All other elements of the original score must remain intact.

If you replace text you must make necessary changes to attributions and copyright notices regarding author, source and licence for the original text.

Only the original buyer of a score may alter it. Recipients of copies may not alter them or their filenames, even if they have received altered copies.

You must have the legal right to use the alternative content.

Make the alteration obvious.

electronic alteration and sending

If you save or send an altered score electronically:

you must insert the word “altered” at the end of the filename of the altered version, after the version date and before the dot;

all the original filename must remain.

After the word “altered”, add a brief description of your alteration.

Make filename additions at the end, never at the beginning. Then the file will be grouped with the original in a list sorted by name.

Don’t add spaces. Use hyphens, eg “-altered”. Spaces can cause problems in some file storage and sharing systems.

arrangements need permission

Before making an arrangement of copyright material you must apply for permission from all relevant copyright holders, including authors of text content and composers of music content.

Unless you have permission to do so you must not put your name to any arrangement of copyright material, or sell it as your own work, or attempt to profit from it.

Copyright holders will require that any arrangement of their material be of standard and style worthy of the original.

The arrangement must be substantial, significantly more than only small changes or anything that you regard as simply detail improvements or corrections of the original.

If you are interested in and capable of making a good arrangement of anything published here contact us to request permission. We will then send the relevant information to you.


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