the principles

The basic principles of copyright are the same in all countries, but laws differ.

The most significant differences are in the dates and durations that apply.

Music or text may be in public domain in some countries but still in copyright in others.

You can easily find information about copyright in your own country.

Copyright is your responsibility.

Do your own research. It’s not hard.

it’s not just one thing

Elements of a publication which may be separately copyrighted include:






Never assume that just because you have permission to perform an element of a publication you automatically have permission to perform any other element of it.

Before doing anything with any score that you buy, always carefully read the copyright statements in it.

others’ copyright material in our publications

For material which is still in copyright owned by others, we do not publish it unless we have permission to do so.

Such permissions are stated in the copyright notices in the scores.

Where we state that something is in “public domain” or “permission received” or similar we mean for all countries.

We do not sell scores that include material which is legal for publication by us in some countries but for copyright reasons is not in others.

using copyright material here in your own publication

Contact us if you’re interested in doing this.

don’t even think about it …

Considering using one of our scores or samples illegally?

Do a search on fines for copyright infringement.

Maybe more than just fines. How about some time away, with your new best (and closest) friends?

Paying for legal scores and performance licences would have been much cheaper and less inconvenient.


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