All dates in this website, our scores and our filenames are in format


e.g. 2014-04-24

This format avoids the regrettable and entirely unnecessary ambiguity caused by the irrational practice of writing dates in the illogical format


i.e. “month of day of year”.

Bad enough for dates with day number greater than 12

e.g. 3/13/2014

but unforgiveable for dates with day number 12 or less

e.g. 3/4/2014

which could be either (logically) the 3rd of April, or (illogically) the 4th of March.

Months consist of days.

Days do not consist of months.

Whoever first wrote a date in that irrational format should have been shot and fed to the lions.

(And not necessarily in that order.)

score files

All score files that we sell are in Portable Document Format.

They can be opened in commonly available free PDF readers.

You don’t need any special programs or plugins to read our files.

score samples

All our score samples are low resolution images in gif format.

They can be viewed directly in your browser and in commonly available image viewers, such as those included with Windows, Mac, Linux and other operating systems.


All our scores and samples are available in two sizes:

the international standard A4 size, 210mm x 297mm;

and the American Letter size, 8.5 x 11 inches, about 216 x 279mm.

The international standard paper sizes are cleverly and practically structured. For example, you can easily make an A4 booklet with 4 pages simply by folding an A3 sheet in half.

(For the mathematically inclined – that’s because the ratio of side lengths is a close approximation to the square root of 2, roughly 1.414. A stroke of genius.)


To ensure that they can be printed on commonly available printers with no loss of content, all our scores have page margins of at least 18mm.

The blank spaces at the bottoms of our scores are for the purchaser stamps, so they can fit within the 18mm margin.

sound sample files

All our sound samples are in mp3 format.

It’s the most common standard for music files to be played via computer, mobile phone and portable music players.

It’s also a relatively compact compressed format that results in files of sizes that are not excessively large.

score writing program

For several reasons, we use MuseScore to produce our scores.

Although it’s still in a long period of gradual development, it’s a capable program that can produce very clean elegant results.

It’s free for any use.

Because anyone may download and use MuseScore, for no charge, no separate reader is ever necessary for MuseScore files.

MuseScore users are well supported with clear comprehensive help information and online forums frequented by helpful fellow users.

We don’t provide copies of our MuseScore files except to people we have approved to make arrangements.

email addresses

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