low prices

High prices would mean:

fewer people would buy our music

fewer people would experience it

fewer people would tell others about it.

That would be counterproductive all round.

That’s why we keep our prices low.

We’re not interested in trying to extract excessive amounts of money from anyone.

small buyers do not subsidise larger ones

Some sellers of download scores charge prices that include the rights to make enough copies for groups up to a particular number of people.

That may seem like a good idea, but it’s not.

It’s a bad idea.

It means that people who buy scores for smaller groups or just for their own individual use are subsidising larger buyers.

We do things differently.

We sell each score file for a low price which includes two copy licences:

a licence to use it on a screen

a licence for the same person to print a paper copy.

If you don’t need a paper copy you may use your score file on two screens at the same time instead.

That means that at any time the purchase price for every copy licence for the score is the same, regardless of the buyer.

Groups of any size can still have all the legal copies they need, at a price that’s still not high.

And organisations which have blanket copy licences may buy just one copy then make all the copies they need.

No one who buys our scores subsidises anyone else.


© Laurie Williams Music, Adelaide, South Australia, 2014