responsibility and society

what, no disclaimer or legal stuff?

Looking for a disclaimer? You won’t find a page of such typically pseudolegal junk on this website.

If you expect us to state the obvious then it should already be obvious to you.

We don’t put disclaimers in our emails either.

(If we did, we would put them before the message content, not after.)

Conditions of use of this website and the products that we sell are mostly obvious too. The not so obvious stuff is clearly stated in relevant other sections of our Guide.

take responsibility for your own actions

“He made me do it!” is not a valid excuse.

Not even in a kindergarten play yard.

It’s certainly not an acceptable excuse for adults to use to blame others for their own failure to do basic thinking for themselves.

Or, worse, to use in seeking to extract undeserved benefit from others.

Did something that someone said offend you? (You poor dear. Maybe you can build a career on feigning offence.)

Do you need to be told that this website is for selling music and other copyright content by electronic file download, and that you need to know the legal limitations on your storage, use and sharing of that content?

Do you really need to be warned that information on this website is general and may not apply to you personally?

Or that you should seek independent advice?

Or to be aware of all the relevant laws and regulations in your country?

Or not to believe everything that you’re told or that you read?

Some of the content of this website is simply instructional, e.g. how to buy from us. Simple stuff.

Other content here is informative.

Although we try to make it as valid and useful as possible, you need to do your part too.

You should never regard any written statement as a statement of undeniable fact, but as a starting point or inspiration for your own thinking and your own research.

We try to do the right thing, and we think we get things right, but that’s no excuse for you not to take responsibility for your own actions too.

use your brain

In recent years society in all the “developed” countries has deteriorated in the most fundamental way – people’s willingness, even ability, to think for themselves.

For some people, not thinking has become more profitable than thinking.

Continuing feigning of offence has become a lucrative parasitic profession.

Political correctness is a symptom – and a warning sign, for those who recognise it.

Something is seriously wrong with any society which permits the ignorant to pretend to protect the idiotic.

When a society rewards feigning of offence, lack of personal responsibility, blame games, political correctness and even stupidity with benefits and careers it’s in even bigger trouble.

Weak unthinking societies lose their freedom and suffer slow and increasingly painful deaths.

People who will not think for themselves do not deserve even the remainder of the freedom that they once had, that earlier generations fought to gain and protect.

Let’s overcome all of that.

Thinking is good. When you start to do it good things happen and bad things are less likely to happen.

We recommend it.

Take responsibility. Think.

Use your brain. That’s what it’s there for.

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