buying is quick and easy

Find the page for the score you need.

For the paper size you need, choose your purchase quantity. (You can edit it at checkout too.)

Click the Add To Cart button.

Do the same for any other scores you need.

When you’re ready to buy, click Checkout.

If you like, you can create a free account right there, so you can see your purchase history and download files again at no extra charge.

Enter the appropriate details, and click the Purchase button.

A purchase confirmation page will appear. You can immediately download your files from the links there.

You will receive a purchase confirmation email with your download links there too.

The name and email address that you use when you buy identify the person or entity that owns the downloaded file and is licensed to make and use a copy or copies of its copyright content.

Before you buy, decide who the licence holder will be and which name and email address to use.

Never use a work email address to buy a score unless you are buying it for the employer.

You may not alter the filename of any of our scores. All the information in it is there for good reason. As you buy more scores from us you will appreciate the information and the structure in their filenames.

Keep your downloaded files and purchase confirmation emails securely. Treat them like copies of personal documents.

Buying a score does not automatically give you permission to perform, record or broadcast or make an arrangement of any of its copyright content. But permissions to do such things are not hard to get and not expensive.

how many you need to buy

Score files that you buy by download are like paper scores bought from a print publisher.

You must buy at least as many instances of each score file as the number of people who may be simultaneously using its copyright content.

Set your purchase quantity for each item before you click Add to Cart. You can edit quantities at checkout too.

buying for someone else or an organisation

Just enter the relevant details on the checkout page.

no watermarks

No score that we sell is watermarked.

We only watermark our free samples.

your proof that you legally bought your score

When you buy music score files from us you will receive an email with links to the items that you bought.

The email shows:

the purchase date and time;

the names of the items;

the quantity of each item.

The transaction details should appear in your credit card or bank record.

You can show or forward the email to anyone who asks you for evidence that you legally bought your score.

Your scores are PDF files with built in stamps that show your name and email address, identifying you as the holder of the copy licences.

If you have created an account at checkout you can log in to see your full purchase history at any time, and download score files again.

Keep the email securely! It’s your evidence of legal purchase.

You can forward it to anyone who asks you for evidence that you legally bought your score file.

You don’t need to print the email. We regard those electronic records as more valuable than paper ones.

Every PDF download file bought from us has a permanent stamp showing the name and email address of the purchaser and the date of purchase.

No score file downloaded from us may legally be used for any purpose unless it is so stamped.

why we need an email address to sell a file to you

Each time you buy from us we send an email. It’s evidence of your legal purchase.

The email address that you provide when you buy is permanently stamped into your PDF score file. That’s more evidence of your legal purchase, and it stays with the file.

If we issue a corrected or improved version of a score that you have bought from us we will use the same email address to notify you and make it available to you, at no charge.

Use an email address that you or your group will have permanently.

Entering your email address when you buy is not the same as subscribing to our news emails. Unless you do so separately you won’t receive any.

if you need more

You can easily buy more, so you or your organisation may legally make as many copies as you need for extra people to use.

Just buy as many more instances of the score as you need.

You won’t need to download the file again – just make your extra copies from the file you already had.

Each extra score file you buy from us gets you another pair of copy licences for it – one for screen, one for paper. That’s one more person who may legally have it.

ownership of score files

You don’t own the copyright content in score files that you buy, but they and any copies that you legally make are yours to keep.

Same as buying paper scores from a print publisher.

No time limit applies.

You may permit others to use those scores and any copies that you legally make.

You may lend them.

You may will them to others.

The same principle applies to an incorporated group or organisation that buys score files in its own name.

The same applies if you make a purchase of download scores on behalf of your employer or a business for which you are doing contract work. That entity is the legal buyer of the scores, and they remain its property after you finish work there.

Check your local law regarding scores licensed to one entity being lent to and used by others.

Any group which is not legally incorporated as a separate entity has no legal existence in itself and can not own anything in its own right. It depends on individuals to provide and hold things for its use and take personal responsibility for making things happen and for things that happen.

if we produce an improved or corrected version

If we produce an improved version of a score, with the same content, we will make it available at no charge to everyone who bought an earlier version.

If we find an error in one of our scores we will produce a corrected version and make it available at no charge to everyone who bought a faulty one.

We will notify you using the email address you provided at purchase.

if you lose your score file

If you created an account with us, click on Purchase History, log in, find the relevant purchase and download the file again.

Or find the email that you received when you bought your score and try the download link again.

Contact us if you’re stuck.

Keep all your score files backed up. The law where you live may not like it, but we’ll never object, as long as you stay within our guidelines on storing things you buy from us.

we don’t sell paper scores

Our music scores are sold only as file downloads in Portable Document Format (PDF).

We don’t print or post paper copies.

We would need to charge much more for our scores if we also provided paper versions.

Buying, downloading and printing our scores are inexpensive and easy. If you’re reading this directly from our website then you are already well on the way.

If you don’t have your own computer or printer then you can use someone else’s. Ask a friend or relative, use an internet cafe or public library or ask your boss for permission to do it at work.

But never use a work email address unless you are buying on behalf of your employer.

making and using copies

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