Free silent ringtone

Perfect for silencing incoming calls and SMs from known nuisance numbers.

1 Second of Silence

mp3 file, stereo, 44.1kHz, 9kB

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If you leave nuisance calling numbers unsaved, when you’re scrolling through your call history you won’t know which ones they are. If you’re searching the list for a number you need to call, you may accidentally call one of those instead.

If you just delete them from your call history, you’ve lost the opportunity to save them later.

So, always save every nuisance call number.

Create a contact named “aaaa Spam”.

The “aaaa” will ensure that your Spam contact is always at the top of your Contacts list, so it’s quick and easy to access.

Download the 1 Second of Silence mp3 file to the appropriate directory or folder in your phone – Ringtones, Notifications or similar.

Set it as the ringtone and message tone for that contact.

The short duration means that it will not hold up your phone’s sound system for long, although while an incoming call is awaiting answer your phone may block other sound sources such as music.

Every time you receive a nuisance call or SM with a number showing, add the number to your Spam contact, if it’s not already saved there.

Then, if someone uses any of those numbers to call or message you again, it will not result in your phone making any sound, and if you can see the screen you will see “spam” and know to ignore the nuisance.

Or, if it’s a call, answer it and toy with the caller for as long as you can tolerate. That usually stops such people calling again.

With all those numbers saved in your Spam contact, all of them will be shown as spam in your history list. No more wondering which numbers were nuisance ones or accidentally calling any of those.

Block all the nuisance calling numbers too, if your phone will let you do that.

That’s not enough though – you still need to save them as Spam contact numbers.

Unfortunately some mobile phones can store only a small number of phone numbers in their Block lists, but can store many more in any individual contact record.

So even if your phone will not let you block all the numbers you know have been used for nuisance calls and messages, you can still save them as spam numbers and ensure that your phone makes no sound when anyone uses any of them to call you or send an SM.

If your Spam contact has reached its number storage limit, create a new spam contact with a similar name, eg “aaaaa Spam”, and apply the same ringtone and message tone to it.


© Laurie Williams, Adelaide, South Australia, 2018